Take the Pickle Juice Challenge for Mental Health Awareness

Take the Pickle Juice Challenge for Mental Health Awareness
Mental Health Awareness Month is observed throughout May

(WAFF) - Millions of Americans deal with some form of mental illness. Rising rates of depression, a lack of mental health services and a shortage in the mental health workforce are all compounding problems that can make it difficult for individuals to find help. 

Alabama ranks #48 in the country when it comes to providing access to mental health care.

WAFF 48, in partnership with Crisis Services of North Alabama (CSNA), is working to help make a difference. May is Mental Health Awareness month and we need your help to spread the word.

CSNA provides a number of services, including a 24-hour crisis line, to try and help those in need of support. A mix of paid staff and trained volunteers provide help to callers from Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida. We will be learning more from employees and those helped by the services through our on-air and digital coverage in the coming weeks.


WAFF plans to highlight those services, and the people they help, throughout the month of May. We encourage you to consider making a donation to CSNA to support current and future services the organization provides to crisis training and suicide prevention.

Our staff also plans on taking the Pickle Juice Challenge to spread the word on social media to friends, family and viewers. Here's how you can participate:

  • Film yourself or go live on your favorite social media platform
  • Let folks know what your are doing and why!
  • Drink 2-3oz of pickle juice
  • Challenge friends and family at the end of your video to take the Pickle Juice Challenge!
  • Tag your social post using #PickleJuiceChallenge
  • Consider linking to this story and donating to Crisis Services of North Alabama

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