New football helmets at Danville school warn of head injuries

New football helmets at Danville school warn of head injuries

DANVILLE, AL (WAFF) - More and more people are paying attention to football concussions, which can affect players years later. And now there is something new, right on the playing field.

Shannon McGregory is the head football coach for Danville and is showing off a new tool to help keep his player safe.

"It's a tool that communicates to us about the level of a contact," he said.

Sensors inside the helmet tell coaches which player was hit, where they were hit and how hard.

"The neat thing about all this high-tech stuff going on in the helmet is that it can be instantly transmitted to the coach," McGregory said. "He'll know if he needs to pull that player out of the game."

"It communicates to us that hey they had a contact that possibly could cause a concussion," he said.

Every contact is broken down into a low, medium or high intensity. Coaches can also study all the data later.

"If something's not right then it's our responsibility to pull their helmet, pull them from practice or the game, and get them checked by a physician," said McGregory.

Chris Sapp is a father who has two sons who play. Ethan is in the 10th grade, and Drake already graduated. His eldest son took a bad hit a few years ago.

"His 10th-grade year, he got a concussion. After the initial hit it took about five plays to recognize he had a concussion and how we figured it out is he went to the opponents' huddle," said Sapp.

A current Danville defensive end, Landon Upton said he's excited about the new head gear.

"....and help diagnose when that happens and it's going to help with the safety in the long term of football players health," he said.

There are 110 helmets for seventh-grade through 12th-grade teams purchased by a booster club member. Danville is the only school to outfit every player with a technohelmet.

So while the helmets will not prevent a concussion, they can sound the alarm and get the athlete off the field and into a doctor's office, or hospital.

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