Storm preparations underway in Decatur

Storm preparations underway in Decatur
Decatur residents are still cleaning up from storms last week, but another round of storms is already threatening the area.

DECATUR, AL (AP) - Folks in Decatur are a little jittery today as they keep weather aware.

The big concern now is another round of potentially severe weather threatening this weekend.

Reporter Bobby Shuttleworth was in Decatur this afternoon speaking to local residents, some still dealing with the after-effects of last week's storms, who are now bracing for a possible second round come Saturday.

Ms. Novella Torain Nelson got out of the hospital as the last storm hit. She says she's worried.

I was thinking I was going to get back home too but if it's going to be some more bad weather...I don't know. I need to get back so I can on my oxygen and my breathing machines and my...all of my stuff is here. So I'm hoping it's not going to be too much again," Nelson said.

She said she will probably stay at a hotel.

I am...I'm kinda nervous and scared too. But I know the good Lord is going to take care of me.  He took care of me through the other one and I feel like he'll do it again."

Lamarcus McAfe, another resident, said that people need to take precautions during this time of year.

"So we should be expecting more of it.  And a lot of people should understand it and be prepared for something in that nature," McAfe said.

He and his family have a plan.

"Our neighbors right across the street right here. Everyone kinda, it's an unspoken thing, but they allow everyone to use the basement over there and put the word out if something happens just come right in," McAfe continued.

While the electricity is fully restored, Joe Holmes with Decatur Utilities tells us they are making sure the trucks are restocked before Saturday and crews will be on standby.

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