Morgan County school bus driver, husband dead in murder-suicide

Morgan County school bus driver, husband dead in murder-suicide

MORGAN COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A Morgan County school bus driver and her husband were found dead on Monday. A preliminary investigation indicates their deaths were the result of a murder-suicide.

It happened after her bus route at a home on Highway 36 near Somerville. Investigators say her husband shot her in the chest before shooting himself.

The coroner identified the victims as Deborah Turner-Cox, 54, and Jerry Vale Cox, 61.

"All indications point to a financial situation, a loss of job, some stress in the family, had gone on, but nothing that anyone saw coming this kind of thing," said Morgan County Sheriff Ana Franklin.

Franklin says this situation has left the community shattered.

"It's a small community out here Sommerville/Cotaco. Everybody knows everybody. She was involved. She was in EMS, fire, she drove a school bus for the county school system. So this is a good family. From every indication it is not a family that we had been out with a lot of domestic violence, that kind of thing. None of the close immediate family or friends ever saw this coming," she said.

"Morgan County Schools has the family in our thoughts and prayers and she was a wonderful employee. Debbie always had a smile on her face and she will be missed," said Morgan County Schools Superintendent Bill Hopkins.

Franklin says a note that was left at the scene helped investigators put the pieces together.

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