'Stop the Bleed' at Huntsville Hospital

'Stop the Bleed' at Huntsville Hospital

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - If you find yourself in a mass-casualty situation, Huntsville doctors want you to know how to stop the bleeding.

On Friday, they gave a demonstration to staff and guests on how to properly apply tourniquets on massive wounds part of the national 'Stop the Bleed' campaign.

"If you have this simple technique at your disposal, with a simple tourniquet, you can apply on someone's limb and save their life," Dr. Rony Najjar, the head of the Huntsville Hospital trauma center said.

Najjar calls this skill set critical to survival. He likens the lesson to CPR & AED training. In the video above, they demonstrate how to apply the tourniquet and pack a wound.

"People think 'OMG, this is going to be complicated. I'll have to go to a course!' Not really. If you've got somebody who knows how to do that, a citizen in our community that's with you, you're injured and can apply the tourniquet and save their life," Najjar said.

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