Rainsville mom pleased home-schooled kids can now play school sports

Rainsville mom pleased home-schooled kids can now play school sports

RAINSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Plainview Bears won the boys 3A state basketball championship as a team earlier this month. But it was especially gratifying for a Rainsville woman whose son made the final basket.

It was only through her efforts that her son was even on the team.

"The Lord knew March 2nd, 2018 was coming," said Karin Millican.

And it was on that day Millican's son, Caden, made the winning shot to give the Plainview Bears the 3A boys title.

"I was jumping up and down and I was just squalling.  I mean, I could not stop the tears," said Millican.

But Millican says the shot also brought back some old sad tears.

"I thought about how hard his seventh-grade year was. The year he couldn't play," said Millican.

Karin and her family made the decision early on her children would be home-schooled.

"It's not for every family but it's a great option when it's the right thing for you," said Millican.

Caden was able to play rec league sports through the sixth grade. The next year other students began playing in junior high under the Alabama High School Athletic Association, which didn't allow for home-schooled kids. Try explaining that to your child.

"Because he didn't know the difference between sixth-grade sports and seventh-grade sports. When he was 11 years old, you know, 'I can play now. Why can't I play then?;" said Millican.

For three years, Millican lobbied the Legislature, and when a bill was about to be passed to allow home-schooled kids in public sports, the AHSAA relented.

That paved the way for Caden to play basketball last year with Plainview. Karin says now all home-schooled kids can play sports and attributes much of her efforts to her faith in God.

"He knew it all along that there was going to be a payday and it was going to be all worth it," said Millican.

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