NAACP firing back on Tanner High School principal paid leave

NAACP firing back on Tanner High School principal paid leave
Louis Gordon

ATHENS, AL (WAFF) - The NAACP is firing back after the Tanner High principal was placed on administrative leave earlier this week.

School officials say there were several parent complaints about Louis Gordon, leaving him on paid administrative leave.

The NAACP Limestone County chapter released a statement denouncing the actions of school Superintendent Dr. Tom Sisk.

About 50 people gathered at the Limestone County Board of Education on Gordon's behalf and everyone agreed that this is an issue of racism.

The NAACP made it a point to say, no matter the outcome of this principals investigation, Gordon's reputation is now tarnished and they want to know why.

NAACP statement on Tanner High School Principal Louis Gordon on paid leave

On behalf of the Limestone County NAACP and the Alabama NAACP State Conference; we firmly denounce the recent actions of our school Superintendent Dr. Tom Sisk who placed Tanner High School Principal Mr. James Gordon on paid leave.

People say the press conference that was originally held to put Gordon on administrative leave earlier this week, made it seem like he did something wrong, but they say the issue is, nobody is saying what he did wrong specifically.

"My question why is he being placed on administrative leave? What did he do wrong? The only thing I've heard is that teachers are upset because he makes surprise visits to classrooms, which is what principals are supposed to do," said Pastor Roy Rugless.

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