Tips to defend against 'porch pirates'

Tips to defend against 'porch pirates'

MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Thanks to the power of social media, another "porch pirate" is caught and identified.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office sent out pictures on Twitter and Facebook, and it only took citizens 47 minutes to identify the suspect and tell authorities. The suspect is 23-year-old Joshua Carter.

It's a reminder for you to pay close attention to when your packages are supposed to arrive and what you leave outside your home.

"If people are getting their income tax back and putting their boxes out on the curb, you got to make sure you break them down and put them in the receptacle because that box is a cue whenever you are not at home earning your hard money that you've got something new and here it is for the thieves to come take it," said Lt. Donny Shaw of the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

Here are a few tips to help you not become a victim of theft

  1. Track it and know when it is to be delivered and be home.
  2. Leave a note for driver with instructions.
  3. Require a signature for delivery.
  4. Have the post office or delivery service hold it.
  5. Don’t Make it a Surprise, if delivering gifts to family or friends make them aware.
  6. Add a Wi-Fi smart camera and Know the Minute it arrives.
  7. Have packages delivered to your workplace.
  8. Require vacation hold on packages and mail when away.
  9. Insure your upcoming packages.
  10. Ask a neighbor to accept it.

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