Alabama sextuplets make it home from hospital

Alabama sextuplets make it home from hospital

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Those precious Albertville sextuplets are all now at home with mom and dad.

The Waldrop family was the first to deliver that many babies at Huntsville Hospital. The three boys were released from the hospital yesterday while the girls got an earlier welcome home three weeks ago.

Blu, Rawlings, Tag, Layke, Rayne and Rivers are all finally snuggling at home. This after months in the NICU at Huntsville Hospital.

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"Courtney and Eric are just such incredible people," said Paula Lucas, vice president of Women and Children Services. "I think our staff will miss them and their family on a daily basis, but as hospital administrator I did a whew because things can happen and they got out and everything is good and we had a great experience."

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Nearly 40 nurses and doctors called the "Code Six" team did endless drills for two months using saline IV bag babies to prepare for that big moment.

"People came in extra, they worked overtime, and there was not a complaint," Lucas said. "Everyone wanted to feel this and be a part of this."

The six babies were all delivered on Dec. 11 in less than four minutes. The creative team used the "Roy G. Biv" mnemonic to keep track of each one's medical records and each team of medical experts matched.

The "Today" show dubbed them the "Dream Team."

"By the time we got down to the delivery, things went very, very smoothly so I guess we lived up to the 'Dream Team' name, I'm sure there was some luck there but the preparation helped," said neonatologist Dr. Lee Morris.

He is one of the many doctors in the regional level 3 NICU who has been caring for the little ones ever since they came into the world.

"It was really interesting. Even  though there were six different babies we had to treat them differently, but they all were really similar as far as the care that they needed like oxygen and things like that, so it went very well," Morris said.

The "Dream Team" is also getting sweatshirts in memory of that big feat they accomplished.

The sextuplets also made the cover of Huntsville Hospital's magazine, which you can check out here.

The doctors and nurses will be able to see the little ones again at the premi-party in two years.

TLC will feature the Waldrop family in a documentary slated to air in early fall. Part of the show was filmed at Huntsville Hospital for Women & Children and will follow the Waldrops' life-changing journey every step of the way, from Courtney's high-risk pregnancy to how they'll adjust to becoming a family of 11.

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