Get a $99 ticket from Huntsville to Orlando with new airline route

Get a $99 ticket from Huntsville to Orlando with new airline route
Silver Airways route map from Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A nonstop route to Orlando is coming soon to Huntsville International Airport.

Silver Airways, an airline based out of Fort Lauderdale, will start the new route on May 23, 2018. 

The airline made the announcement on Tuesday. Silver plans to fly its new ATR-600 aircraft to complete the 600 mile trip.

The ATR-600 is a twin-engine turboprop aircraft that can seat up to 70 people on some models.

Silver Airways says its model will feature leather seating, increased leg room and spacious overhead bins.

The company is offering $99 one-way fares to celebrate the new route.

You can also find connecting routes from Huntsville that get you to Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers and Key West for $109.

"We are very excited to announce our first growth market utilizing our new fleet of ATR-600 aircraft that will begin arriving in May," said Jason Bewley, Silver Airways President and CFO. "Considering NASA, Huntsville and Florida's space coast have many close ties, and we expect this new nonstop service to attract business travelers and vacationers alike headed to Orlando and beyond to Silver's many destinations in Florida and the Bahamas. The new Huntsville route begins just before Memorial Day weekend and marks the beginning of Silver's transition to an all new ATR-600 fleet."

"We are thrilled to welcome Silver Airways as a new carrier for not only the Tennessee Valley region, but also the state of Alabama," stated Betty Fletcher, Chairman, Board of Directors, Huntsville International Airport. "The addition of Orlando and Central Florida to the list of nonstop destinations for our market is outstanding. This has been one of Huntsville's most requested destinations by our passengers and so it is exciting to have this new carrier to fulfill that request."

"Attracting and sustaining new air service is a community-wide matter that affects each and every one of us – both the leisure traveler and the business traveler," said Rick Tucker, Executive Director, Huntsville International Airport. "Announcements like the addition of new nonstop service from Huntsville to Orlando is an excellent first step to providing all of the citizens of the Tennessee Valley more air travel options and savings. Support from the business community and our residents is integral to attracting and sustaining service like this in Huntsville and so we encourage everyone to fly HSV and Silver Airways so that we can continue to provide more air travel options to more destinations and with lower fares."

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