Sex crime victim suing former Guntersville coach, his ex-wife

Sex crime victim suing former Guntersville coach, his ex-wife

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A former Guntersville soccer coach convicted of child sex crimes is now facing a lawsuit.

David Barrow is spending 30 years behind bars, but now one of his victims is going after him in civil court.

The 12-page lawsuit filed in Marshall County on Friday demands $6 million in damages.

The victim is also seeking damages from Barrow's ex-wife, Ann Alred Barrow.

It was filed on behalf of an unidentified victim stating he molested her and took nude photographs of her.

Barrow was convicted nearly two years ago of producing child pornography in Marshall County and human trafficking in Madison County. He also hid cameras in a girls locker room in Guntersville and produced pornography with underage girls at a home in Huntsville. This all happened while he was coaching the girls soccer team.

Barrow is serving his sentence at Limestone Correctional Facility.

The civil lawsuit states Barrow planned to distribute the pornographic material. It claims Barrow allowed his ex-wife to have a vast majority of their estate in a default divorce.

The suit claims Barrow had the money and means to hire an attorney but did not.

In the divorce order, a judge granted Ann Barrow several properties as well as all of the money in their joint bank and investment accounts involving a minimum of $500,000.

The suit claims Barrow then became insolvent shortly after the transfer of funds to his ex-wife.

Attempts to reach Ann Barrow were unsuccessful.

As of now, no court date has been set.

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