Boaz jail inmates evacuated due to sewage leak

Boaz jail inmates evacuated due to sewage leak

BOAZ, AL (WAFF) - Inmates from the Boaz City Jail were evacuated after the extreme cold caused problems with raw sewage backing up into the booking room.

Chief Josh Gaskin said it started out as just a frozen pipe but then it got much worse.

The problem started when a faucet thawed out enough for the department to learn they had a water leak.

During the time it was being repaired, Gaskin said another problem was developing. Contents in the drain pipes had frozen, causing blockage. That's when sewage began coming out into the booking and common area.

Gaskin said approximately 30 inmates were removed Thursday night, and a few trustees stayed behind to begin the cleanup process.

Gaskin said the judge ordered each person be given a court date to come back but not everyone went home.

"If they had holds somewhere else, had warrants somewhere else, we call them holds, but if they had warrants somewhere else then we notified the jails or police departments where those warrants were at and if they chose to they came and picked them up or we would transport them there," said Gaskin.

Gaskin expects the problem to be resolved by the end of the day on Friday.

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