Jackson County considers corrections program takeover

Jackson County considers corrections program takeover

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - The Jackson County commission is reviewing a community corrections program that oversees drug testing for state inmates.

The program is currently operated by a private company.

One commissioner says he's concerned about a private company vested a keeping its clients in the system.

"Every time somebody would get close to getting off color code they would seem to either be dirty or their urine would be weak so they would get put on another six more months," said commissioner Tim Guffey.

An audit of the program, carried out by the county, brought up another issue pertaining to money due to the county from the privately owned program.

"We've asked for an attorney general's opinion. You know, how much money the county should be receiving," said Guffey.

Officials with the program declined comment, but Guffey anticipates there will be more discussions early next month.

"If we're representing the people of Jackson County I want to make sure it's done the correct way," says Guffey.

Concerning the drug testing, Circuit Judge Jennifer Holt says people in the program can dispute their test findings and urine samples are kept for one year.

Judge Holt also says participants are due a court hearing before revoking probation due to a failed drug screen.

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