Senate candidate Doug Jones talks unity, college costs, health care at UAH

Senate candidate Doug Jones talks unity, college costs, health care at UAH

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - On Dec. 12, voters will decide who will represent Alabama in the U.S. Senate. On Thursday, one of the two men competing in the special election campaigned in Huntsville.

After Doug Jones spoke at the University of Alabama in Huntsville at a rally organized by UAH College Democrats, he greeted volunteers who make phone calls trying to sway voters toward the Democratic Senate candidate. At both places, he said this race isn't about political parties. He said it's about what's best for Alabamians. He said his Republican opponent, Roy Moore, epitomizes the division elected officials create with culture-based politics.

"We've been for too long letting people like Roy Moore to divide us, and so our messages are trying to unify everybody," Jones said at the phone bank.

Unify, Jones said, means focusing on what people have in common instead of their differences, what he calls "kitchen table" issues.

"We talked about college education, the affordability of college education, student loans," he said.

WAFF 48 News talked with some UAH students who support Jones. They said for them, reducing skyrocketing long-term college education costs is a top priority..

UAH student Desmond Flanagan supports Jones. He said reducing skyrocketing long-term college education costs is his main issue.

"Student loans is killing my generation," Flanagan said. "A lot of us, we graduate with so much debt that it's difficult for us to get out of. He's looking to re-establish Pell Grants. He's looking to make college more affordable."

UAH graduate John Buffer said he is voting for Jones because he wants health care accessibility for all Americans.

"It's draining our economy. It's draining our infrastructure. It's draining us, the citizen," he said.

Jones told the crowd at UAH that, if elected, he will work to make quality health care attainable for everyone.

"If you want to do something good for all the citizens of Alabama and not for your just personal agenda, then, by God, you need to make sure we get Medicaid, Medicare, and CHIP dollars coming into this state to make sure we have a healthy Alabama," Jones said.

The candidate said if voters send him to Washington, D.C., he will work across the aisle with Republicans and that compromise doesn't have to include compromising his principles.

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