Madison County Sheriff not endorsing Roy Moore

Updated: Nov. 14, 2017 at 6:13 AM CST
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MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning is refuting claims that he endorsed Roy Moore.

Even though he's seen on video, just six days ago, shaking Moore's hand at a campaign event with several other law enforcement leaders.

Dorning tells us that he was in Montgomery for a meeting for the Alabama Sheriff's Association Legislative Committee.

In a statement, Dorning says he received a call from Moore's campaign asking if he would attend a press conference where the meeting was held. Before Moore's arrival, Dorning says several sheriffs had to leave but, he felt obligated to stay.

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His statement goes on to say in part:

On Wednesday November 8,2017 Captain Michael Salomonsky and myself traveled to Montgomery to a called meeting of the Alabama Sheriffs' Association Legislative Committee, I am the appointed Chairman of this committee. On Tuesday November 7th a Mr. Rich Hobson( I believe) with Mr. Roy Moore campaign called my office and ask If I would attend a press conference at the meeting site that Mr. Moore had requested to speak with the Sheriffs in attendance. I told Mr. Hobson that I would definitely be in attendance at the meeting. There were 26 Alabama Sheriffs that attended the meeting. At a point during the meeting we were notified that Mr. Moore would arrive our location at 2:30 pm. Mr. Moore's arrival time was past 2:30 pm and many of the Sheriffs had left. I felt obligated to stay because I had given my word that I would be there. Prior to Mr. Moore's arrival several local news crews from the area were at the Location which is the Montgomery County Sheriff Office Training Center. Sheriff Ray Norris of Clarke County Alabama ask the few remaining Sheriffs If we would stand behind the speaker location, that we would not be required to say anything that he would like us to stand behind him as he introduced Mr. Moore. Sheriff Norris introduced Mr. Moore as a friend of his and pledged his support for Mr. Moore.

Mr. Moore gave a 3-5 minute speech concerning his support for Law Enforcement. After which there were several questions ask by the media to him none of which were Law Enforcement related. Mr. Moore was appreciative to those that were there but never ask me for my endorsement or support.

I have never publically endorsed any candidate for office and do not intend to do so. I have because of my position as Sheriff Of Madison County been ask to stand with District Attorneys, Legislators, Senators, Representatives, business owners, and organizers of non profit organizations. I have attended events for candidates for office that I felt are good people, but have never publically written or announced public support or endorsement of any candidate.

Some of the Sheriffs listed in the article were not even at the meeting and some of those that were had to leave before the press conference afterward.

Endorse is a very strong word in the political world and I have never ask another candidate or office holder for his or her endorsement, I just ask for their Vote.  I have in the past and will continue to  attended functions of other Candidates as a courtesy to them in respect for their sacrifice to seek political office, all of which are good decent respectable citizens of our Country.

Two other sheriffs have also denied endorsing Moore.

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