CPR gives Lacey's Spring man a second chance at life

CPR gives Lacey's Spring man a second chance at life

LACEY'S SPRING, AL (WAFF) - If someone was seated next to you in a restaurant and suddenly collapsed, would you know what to do?

A Lacey's Spring man is glad his friends knew what to do because he wouldn't be here today otherwise.

John Gordon fought cancer three years ago. He has several stents around his heart.

But recently, while at the bar where his wife works, he had another health challenge.

"My chest started hurting and I took a couple of nitroglycerin tablets," Gordon said.

He said the tablets didn't help. In fact, the pain got worse.

"I came outside to get me some fresh air....and that's about all I remember."

Gordon's friend, Don Ballard, recalled the jarring scene.

"And the next thing I know he's head first into the cement, and I turned him over and checked his carotid for a pulse and I didn't get anything so I started CPR," Ballard said.

More help quickly arrived.

"And that's when Don Church and Ashley Pickering came out and he took over doing CPR for me," Ballard said.

Ballard said they lost a pulse several times before EMT's arrived at the scene.

"I was in Huntsville Hospital and in CCU, and I was on life support and I was told I had a severe heart attack," Gordon said.

He knows he was lucky.

"A cardiac surgeon told me that if the gentleman that done CPR on me hadn't done CPR on me, then I would not be living today," Gordon said.

He said he wishes everyone would take a CPR class because you never know when it will give someone a second chance at life.

If you want to get trained in CPR, the Red Cross offers classes several times a month, in person and online.

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