Shopper highlights Walmart price inconsistencies

Shopper highlights Walmart price inconsistencies

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Price matching can save consumers the trouble of traveling to different stores, but some stores don't even price match their own items. This is true for retail giant Walmart, however, it depends on the location and not necessarily what the item may be.

WAFF 48 News stopped at five Huntsville area locations to check out the price for staples like milk and eggs. We stuck to the company's Great Value brand.

A gallon of milk was $2.48 and a dozen eggs were 98 cents at the Walmart on Winchester Road. They were the same price at the Walmart on Sparkman Drive. At the store just five miles down the Parkway, milk goes down to a $1.48 and eggs go up to $1.38.

The  Walmart on University Drive was $1 for a gallon of milk and 30 cents for a dozen eggs.

The Hampton Cove Walmart on Sutton Road was the most expensive of the bunch. It charged $3.05 for a gallon of milk and $1.28 for eggs.

When Huntsville shopper Denise Smith noticed the difference, she asked the question any smart shopper would.

"I tried to price match Walmart's own pricing and they refused to do that," said Smith.

Walmart's website says, "Prices may vary from store to store because each store is required to manage its own inventory. It is not our policy to price match our own stores since we are not in competition with ourselves."

Money expert Stacy Johnson said, "Welcome to the world of dynamic pricing, where merchants adjust their pricing based on all kinds of things from competition to demand. Expect to see more of it, whether it is good business or not is in the eyes of the beholder, but it is certainly not uncommon business."

Johnson said everyday consumers need to get savvy with apps, saying the same technology that allows Walmart to move their prices around also allows customers to see if they can find a better deal.

"Go to the internet, do a search for price comparison apps, and download an app that helps you to scan a barcode to see if there is a better deal either down the street or online," Johnson said.

The prices in this article are based on those from the week of Oct. 2-6.

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