Relative who rushed video beating victim to hospital speaks

Relative who rushed video beating victim to hospital speaks
(Source: Facebook)
(Source: Facebook)

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - WAFF 48 News spoke to the woman who raced to help her great-niece after being beaten at a Huntsville public housing community.

A video of the attack went viral on social media. Willy Wade, the victim's great-aunt, said she is mad and doesn't understand why so many were just standing around watching the beating.

She said one person did call her, though. It was a family member living at Mason Court, where the beating occurred. And she said that call saved her great-niece's life.

"Lord have mercy, Jesus. She's going to die if we don't get her to the hospital."

That's what Wade said her initial reaction was when she pulled up at Mason Court and saw her great-niece laying unconscious, bloody and beaten on the sidewalk.

"This girl that did it was standing there looking at me like she's 7 feet tall. With a filet knife, golly, I guess it was that long," she said while gesturing with her hands. "She wouldn't let us get to her until I said,, 'She's going to have to hurt me. I'm getting this girl to the hospital.'"

Wade said she's sickened by the video, which shows people standing around like it was some kind of spectator event.

"No one should have stood around and let that happen. And then she's got a dog standing there with her. Her brothers, so they tell me, helped beat this girl. What kind of soul do you have?" Wade said.

Wade was told the victim thought her daughters were hanging out at the home of the suspect, Quonesha Davis. The victim allegedly knocked on the Davis' door, and that's how the beatdown began.

"You come to my house and knock on my door and your children are not here? I'm going to teach you a lesson," Wade said. "It's pretty. They think it's pretty. Don't come messing with me. Look what I'll do. I'll beat you to death."

Wade said she believes younger people take video of these crimes to look tough on Facebook and other social media sites.

She said she hopes people take at least one lesson from this incident.

"I hope our kids learn one lesson: It doesn't take fighting to get a message across," she said.

Wade said her great-niece is talking and recovering but may have to have surgery on her face.

Huntsville police say Davis is currently in the Madison County Jail on assault charges as well as probation violation. She's currently being held without bond.

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