Water conservation group monitoring E. coli restrictions

Water conservation group monitoring E. coli restrictions

(WAFF) - The Tennessee Riverkeepers group is keeping an eye on some municipalities they say are not doing their best to control pollution into local waterways.

Sewage plants in Alabama will now have to meet tighter restrictions for E. coli bacteria in order to make it safer to swim and fish in creeks across the state.

Seven Riverkeeper organizations, including the north Alabama area, encouraged state overseers to make the rules more strict. The new regulations lower the limits for E.coli that can be discharged at any given time by nearly 40 percent.

"Most of the illegal sewage violations that the Riverkeepers are documenting in Alabama are generally coming from Municipal wastewater treatment plants. That is one of the most common problems in terms of water pollution across the state of Alabama," said Tennessee Riverkeepers founder David Whiteside.

Many municipalities are not complying with the Clean Water Act, according to Whiteside. In 2016, Tennessee Riverkeeper legally addressed 794 sewage violations in Alabama.

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