Huntsville landlord jailed on 24 non-compliance counts

Huntsville landlord jailed on 24 non-compliance counts

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A Huntsville landlord was arrested and jailed for failing to meet required structural standards on properties he owns.

Charles David Bendall, 75, was booked into the Madison County Jail in September of 2017 and charged with 24 counts of owning a structure in non-compliance.

He was accused of failing to repair several apartment units damaged by a storm in 2016 located on Newson Rd.

Bendall hadn't completed repairs necessary to bring those apartments back up to building code.

He was cited and failed to appear in court, which resulted in his arrest.

Huntsville Municipal Court Presiding Judge Lonzo Robinson confirms that Bendall’s citations were “disposed of” in March of 2018. Judge Robinson tells WAFF 48 News that Bendall entered guilty pleas on five of the citations, the rest were dismissed. Bendall paid a $100 fine for each guilty plea along with court costs.

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