City of Madison addresses Three Springs security concerns

City of Madison addresses Three Springs security concerns

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - After a lot of public outcry, the city of Madison addressed the growing concerns regarding the security measures surrounding the Three Springs juvenile facility.

Two teens ran away and are charged with capital murder after a man's body was found behind the Publix on County Line Road. Madison Mayor Paul Finley said that the community expects the city to work with officials to share any information whenever something this severe happens.

Finley said the city and state officials have been talking for the past two days about how to assess the issue at Three Springs. He said going forward, the city needs to listen to what the community is saying.

Representatives for Three Springs say they are going to add more fencing around the facility to help increase security. They are also going create an advisory board that will consist of members of the community and city officials as well as their own staff members. They are also going to review the companies policies, procedures, and practices regarding security.

Madison Police Chief Dave Jernigan said they have implemented a new policy that will alert the public if anyone runs away, escapes or is missing from Three Springs.

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