Boy Scouts help flood damage victims in Huntsville

Boy Scouts help flood damage victims in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Heavy rain this week led to flash flooding, making it a difficult few days for homeowners across the Tennessee Valley. On Saturday, some of those affected got some help.

The Boy Scouts' mission motto includes the phrase "to help others at all times." Boy Scout Troop 364 turned those words into action in the Blossomwood area of Huntsville.

"The flood just came in an awful, powerful current straight through our neighbors' yards, tore their fence, our fence down and just rushed right through here like nothing I've ever seen. I mean, it was scary," said Billy Bell, who lives in Blossomwood.

On Thursday night, heavy rain made Fagin Creek look like a raging river. Bell said he was sure the floodwater would invade his home.

"And then, all of a sudden, it started receding, probably because I was praying so hard, 'Don't let this water get in my house,'" he said.

Bell was spared from home damage, but he and his neighbors in the Blossomwood neighborhood were affected with property outside knocked on its side, torn up yards and broken fences.

Enter Boy Scout Troop 364, which helped clean the yards for more than 10 homeowners Saturday.

"Community service in Boy Scouts. That's what's all about. Helping others," said the troop's senior patrol leader, Christopher Martinez. "We've been clearing debris, raking, improving lawns, tearing down fences."

With the creek calmed and his yard cleaned, their help is something Bell said he appreciates.

"We're muddy and tired, but, oh, I couldn't have done it without their work, so I'm so thankful," he said.

There were a lot of other people who came out to help too. People in the Blossomwood area said this was the worst flooding they've seen there in years.

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