South Huntsville residents say drainage system to blame for flooding issues

South Huntsville residents say drainage system to blame for flooding issues

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Some south Huntsville homeowners say they want the city to address the flooding in their neighborhood. On Friday evening, residents were still cleaning up after water rushed into their homes Thursday morning. Only three homes that sit next to each other were affected. No other homes in the neighborhood had issues.

The neighborhood on Glen Echoes Circle absorbs the water coming down off Green Mountain, and they said the flooding has gotten worse during the last year and a half because of increased construction on the mountain.

They also said there must be something wrong with the city's drainage system. The water took out one homeowner's chain link fence, tore up some of their yard, into their garage and their house. Their neighbor's wooden fence is damaged, and the water mark on the fence is about three feet high. The homeowners said there is no way the water could get that deep unless the drainage system is clogged.

There were stones in one of the backyards that the homeowner said were washed down into a yard from a driveway at a home on another street. One of the homeowners said the flooding was strong enough to carry wrought iron chairs and a table hundreds of feet from their backyard.

WAFF 48 News was unable to contact city officials after business hours, but the residents said the city engineer came out to see the damage and hear their concerns.

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