Town Council takes action to ease downtown parking issues

Town Council takes action to ease downtown parking issues

ROGERSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Jan's Antique Mall is one of the oldest businesses on Lee Street.

Owner Jan Black remembers when only a few cars would be parked along the street, even in the peak time of the day. That's not the case now.

"There's no place to park anymore," Black said. "It's great to see all of the businesses and people shopping downtown, but it's getting to be a problem for people to find parking places."

Popular restaurants, gift shops, antique shops, a bridal shop, and floral design shop line Lee Street.

"It's great that we have people coming downtown, but we don't want them to get frustrated and stop coming because they can't find a parking place," Black said.

"It's getting more and more of a problem," said Police Chief Terry Holden. "I've seen people parking two and three blocks away walking to the stores. For older citizens, that can be a problem."

The Town Council has responded by purchasing an old building and property on Lee Street next to Barnett Pharmacy, which is going to be turned into a parking lot.

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