Shoals 3-year-old burned by cigarette on first day of day care

Shoals 3-year-old burned by cigarette on first day of day care

MUSCLE SHOALS, AL (WAFF) - A Shoals mother says her child was burned on her first day at day care. The day care owner confirms it happened but says she's handled the situation and it won't happen again.

Racheal Brown says the New Destiny day care in Muscle Shoals never notified her about the burn on her daughter Aubrey's arm. She said she found out about it after a friend picked the 3-year-old up from day care.

"It looks like a cigarette was put out on her in my opinion, because it was elevated. It was warm still. It was a little swollen and red," said Brown.

According to the complaint filed with Muscle Shoals police, a day care worker was smoking outside and Aubrey was "burned by accident." A report from the emergency room lists the burn as second-degree.

"This was her first day there," said Brown.

Linda Law is the owner of the child care center. She said she understands why Brown is so upset.

"To a parent, everything is major and that's why they'll tell you I take every complaint to hear," said Law.

Law said she terminated the worker.

"We are a Christian facility. We are a no-smoking facility. We don't smoke. No, you're not allowed. It's not supposed to happen here," she said.

According to Law, every classroom has security cameras. Brown wants to see the footage.

"I want to see from the minute my child was in the day care to the minute she left," she said.

New Destiny is a faith-based day care and therefore does not have to follow Department of Human Resources regulations.

Law said she does thorough background checks and extensive interviews before hiring, but she can't be there 24/7.

"I can't control the actions of people, but I told her I will do everything I can to make it right," said Law.

"She won't ever step foot back in there. Absolutely not," said Brown.

Brown wants all parents to know how important it is to document any issues with a day care by seeing a doctor immediately and filing a police report.Copyright 2017 WAFF. All rights reserved.