Swimming safety tips to avoid a parent's worst nightmare

Swimming safety tips to avoid a parent's worst nightmare

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Two heart-wrenching stories across the southeast: two toddlers are dead from drowning. A 2-year-old in Birmingham was found in a swimming pool and a 5-year-old in Atlanta drowned in a nature center while at camp.

Parents never imagine it will happen to them or their kids.

"Worst nightmare. I promise you it would be. I'm d ropping everything. I'm going to go in the water. Know how to swim or not, I'm jumping in there to save that child's life," said Monique Davis, a mom in Huntsville.

But sometimes the unthinkable can happen in an instant.

Molly Frankenburg is Heart of the Valley YMCA's aquatic director. She said incidents can happen in a moment. She said there are strict guidelines when it comes to kids swimming at the Y.

"One of the things we do at summer camp is we go over pool rules with them. We make sure to give all our kids a swim test," Frankenburg said. "If they haven't passed our swim test, they're required to be in a life jacket, and then we have our lifeguard supervising them at all times."

She has a few tips for parents at home. First of all, keep life jackets on young children. Know that swimming lessons are extremely important. And if possible, swim where there's a lifeguard present to serve as an extra set of eyes.

Heart of the Valley YMCA has an opportunity to avoid more potential future drownings. They're asking the community to vote for them in a nonprofit crowdfunding opportunity worth $50,000. If they win, they'll commit to providing 350 children from low-income homes in our community with 16 swim lessons each.

To vote, go to this website and click on the blue bar to vote. You can vote once every 24 hours on every device, including cell phones, laptops or tablets. Note that a vote made over WiFi may count just once if multiple devices are accessing the site through the same WiFi.

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