BACK-TO-SCHOOL: There's an app for that, turn by turn bus tracking

BACK-TO-SCHOOL: There's an app for that, turn by turn bus tracking

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - During the next two weeks, we're covering all angles of getting your child ready for school.

On top of thousands of students who board a bus every day, in some cases, new technology is hopping on with them.

Huntsville City Schools is partnering with Durham School Services again to offer turn by turn tracking right on your cell phone or tablet for your child's bus.

The district offered the app last year but out of the 5,000 bus riders in Huntsville, only 25 % of parents actually used it.

"I think it's great it will help parents. It will help get them there out to the bus on time and not have to deal with missing a ride but also keep up with them when they get dropped off at home. I can definitely see that being beneficial to parents," said Kelsea Oldham, Parent.

"You know exactly when to send them out and can follow them all along the way, that would make me feel so much more secure," said Pam Mcelhaney, Grandparent.

When it comes to safety, Madison City Schools is putting the brakes on speed. Their buses literally come equipped with a device set no higher than 65 miles per hour, a speed they should never hit within city limits. All buses in the state are expected to follow posted speed limits.

In most cases, it's up to you, as a concerned driver to report it if you see otherwise. Madison County Schools are busy installing GPS to track their buses and it's beneficial in more ways than one.

"If you have an early dismissal or storms or inclement weather coming in we can pull up which buses are still in route and how much further do they need to go," said Matt Massey, Madison Co. Schools Superintendent.

And cameras are still recording multiple angles inside buses just in case. To capture the good, the bad and the ugly.

"You can always look back and see exactly what happened, that's awesome that they can do that," said Oldham.

Many districts are now strongly considering extending that camera view out to the stop arms to catch drivers who don't stop when those stop arms are out. Like everything, it all comes down to finding funding.

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