Toney neighbors react to major drug bust

Toney neighbors react to major drug bust

TONEY, AL (WAFF) - A major drug bust in Madison County left neighbors in shock. Authorities confiscated over 9,000 pills and $3,500 in cash from what they call a "d rop house" in Toney,. Among those drugs included cocaine, oxycodone, fentanyl and so much more.

Neighbors in the area say this is shocking because of how quite the neighborhood is. A few neighbors said they noticed an increase in traffic different times in the day.

Jessica Crutcher lives across the street from where the house is located. What shocked her was the fact that she hardly ever saw anyone coming in and out of the house.

Another neighbor echoed the same thing, saying they had never met anyone who may have lived in the house.

One this is for sure, neighbors in this area are relieved to hear authorities were able to arrest someone.

Authorities are in the process of checking the serial numbers on the pill bottles to figure where exactly they came from.

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