My Take - Electric Shock Drowning

(WAFF) - Now that lake season is in full swing lets revisit ESD or Electric shock drowning.

Remember ESD is when a person drowns because of electrical current in the water. ESD was mentioned in a my take a few weeks ago and there was lots of feedback and questions. With all the lakes, docks and water fun in the Tennessee Valley this is an important safety issue.

There's been a few cases of ESD deaths in Northern Alabama lately so it's important to discuss. Take a few minutes and visit That's the website of the Electrical Shock Drowning Prevention Association (ESDPA).

Their message is NO SWIMMING around docks or boats powered with electricity. Voltage alert devices should never be used as a "green light" for swimming. The devices can help identify faulty situations but they should not be used as a green light.

In most ESD cases the cause occurred from wear and tear on the electrical system. Ground fault protection, now required on ALL docks by the 2017 version of the National Electric Code, was not installed in each case. Take the time to visit this website so you can have a safe and fun summer at the lake.

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