Security expert advises on active shooter situations at public places

Security expert advises on active shooter situations at public places

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - An active shooter trainer says the ball park shooting attack in Virginia is a teachable moment for everyone.

Five people were hit when chaos broke out at a ball park in Virginia after a shooter opened fire during a GOP baseball practice. Rep. Joe Barton of Texas witnessed the shooting.

"They shot the shooter, and I think the security detail saved a lot of lives because they attacked the shooter," said Barton.

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Security officers on the scene saved lives. That's the reaction from active shooter trainer Cameron Bucy.

"Two officers on site was key to this situation," said Bucy. "If they wouldn't have been there, the death toll could've been very great."

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Bucy works with Self Defense Solutions in Madison. He trains businesses on how to respond to active shooting incidents. He said the ball park shooting is something we all can learn from.

"Any environment that you're in, I don't care if it's outdoors, a parade, a party, anywhere you're going where there's a large group people, you've got to have a good situation awareness and pay attention to your surroundings," said Bucy.

Bucy said if you see something suspicious, say something.

"When you're in places where you see something that doesn't look right, you can always leave and come later," said Bucy. "Or at least tell somebody who may be on sight during security or see if there's security provided and know where they are."

He said to run first and then hide if someone starts shooting.

"Hitting a moving target is very hard to do," said Bucy. "If you don't run and you trap yourself by hiding, then you're just waiting on the bad guy to you."

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