Redstone hosts STEM educators tour

Updated: Jun. 13, 2017 at 3:11 PM CDT
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A STEM educators tour was hosted by the 2nd Recruiting Brigade on the Arsenal. They hope to educate educators in order to help our students as they develop their future career paths.

The 2nd Recruiting Brigade on Redstone Arsenal is in charge of recruiting efforts for the Army in the southeast portion of the states. They flew in more than 30 high school and college teachers and superintendents from areas as far away as the Virgin Islands and many from right here in north Alabama. They're currently touring to see the capabilities within science, technology, engineering and math that Redstone has to offer.

"I think it helps me having the students more so have a direction in their future. All the universities around Alabama are great for engineering. But I think it gives them an idea what they have or can have after they graduate college," said Kaivonna Towner, an admissions counselor and regional recruiter for Troy University for the north Alabama area.

"I was thinking this morning we have really, really brilliant students a lot of times, but maybe they're not quite as innovative. What do we need to help students become more innovative in whatever field they choose," said Kevin Lockridge, technical director for Calhoun County Schools.

The STEM educators tour is Tuesday and Wednesday. The educators have explored software engineering, the fixed wing lab and looked at the program office for aviation, including aircraft simulations.

"The Army today requires the best and the brightest. It requires those sort of people to bring to the warfighter the capabilities needed to stay inside our adversaries' decision cycle. Redstone Arsenal, in its vast infrastructure of research and development and engineering expertise, exposes these educators to that capability. Therefore, they take that desire that we need as an army for the best and the brightest back to their classrooms," said Col. Patrick Michaelis with the 2nd Recruiting Bridge on Redstone.

Another program that is offered through the Army that the educators are being told about is the March2Success.

"March2Success is an online test prep program that allows students 9th through 12th, as well as college students taking remediation courses, to help them get better scores in standardized testing," said Nelson Castillo, the 2nd Recruiting Brigade education services specialist. "March2Success helps them and aids them in passing the placement tests so they don't have to waste money taking other courses to get up to par."

The 2nd Recruiting Bridge hopes this tour will allow educators to take their message back to students in their schools.

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