FDA recalls birth control pills, C-diff vaccine, fibroids and pregnancy research

FDA recalls birth control pills, C-diff vaccine, fibroids and pregnancy research
Fibroids and pregnancy 

(WAFF) - Women of childbearing age have been warned about the difficulty of becoming pregnant due to fibroid tumors for years. But a new study seems to refute those findings.

This is according to a new study from Vanderbilt University that contradicts previous research.

Fibroids are noncancerous tumors that grow in the wall of the uterus and have been linked to pregnancy loss.

But 10 years of data from 5,500 women showed the risk of miscarriage was the same for those with and without fibroids.


Many of us get a flu vaccine before flu season, and soon we may be able to get a vaccine to prevent a common infection before a hospital stay.

While recovering from surgery or taking strong antibiotics, your risk of developing C-diff is even higher. Patients in hospitals and nursing home residents are more at risk.

Physician Care Clinical Research is participating in the final stages of a clinical trial for a C-diff vaccine. It works in a manner similar to a flu vaccine. While it doesn't prevent you from getting C-diff in your body, it prevents it from becoming a serious illness.

Birth control bill recall

The Food and Drug Administration announced a nationwide birth control pill recall.

Lupin Pharmaceuticals inc. says its Mibelas 24 FE products were packaged improperly, so the first four days of tablets labeled as active pills are actually placebos. That could result in unintended pregnancies as well as potential health issues for the mother and fetus.

There are no reports of any adverse effects from this issue, according to the FDA.

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