Study links dairy alternatives to childrens' heights

Study links dairy alternatives to childrens' heights
Milk vs. non-dairy milk

(WAFF) - Remember when your mother told you to drink all your milk so you could be big and strong? Well, a new study backs that up.

That new study suggests children who drink dairy alternatives may end up shorter than those who drink cow's milk. The study is in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

According to the report, each cup of non-cow's milk consumed daily is associated to a loss of 0.15 inches in height compared to the average for a child's age.

For example, a 3-year-old who drinks three cups of rice, soy or almond milk each day would be more than half an inch shorter than a 3-year-old who drinks three cups of dairy each day.

One reason for the difference in height might be that plant-based milks do not stimulate insulin-like growth factor production as well as cow's milk does.

Some experts worry the study may be misleading, saying taller children are not necessarily healthier.

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Children's migraines

37 million adults have migraines, and it could be many children could also be undiagnosed. A new study finds parents may be able to stop the hurt before it begins by paying closer attention to their childrens' behavior.

About 10 percent of school age children suffer from migraines. By age 17, almost one in 10 boys has had a migraine. For girls, it's almost one in four.

And there are warning signs, like fatigue and moodiness, up to 24 hours before their heads hurt.

Some moms give their child ibuprofen, a big glass of water and an order to rest, reading the signs in hopes of heading off a migraine before it's too late.


Summer is a great time to get active and walking is an excellent, often easy option.

According to a recent poll from the National Recreation and Park Association, 90 percent of Americans walk for fun.

Some favorite places to stroll are parks, beaches, rivers and even sidewalks. So lace up the walking shoes and head outside.

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