MSFC, nonprofit clinic analyze north Alabama impact of Trump's budget

MSFC, nonprofit clinic analyze north Alabama impact of Trump's budget

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - Critics of President Donald Trump's budget proposal say north Alabama could come out on the wrong end of the cuts he is proposing.

However, the head of the Marshall Space Flight Center is praising the plan.

The director of Marshall Space Flight Center, Todd May, said on Tuesday that the budget proposal supports space exploration.

"Marshall's proposed budget for 2018 is approximately $2.7 billion," said May. "This gives us the resources we need to deliver on our commitments, most notably $1.9 million for the space launch system."

But Trump is considering major cuts to Medicaid, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health, which funds medical research.

It's alarming to Mary Elizabeth Marr, the CEO of Thrive Alabama, a nonprofit clinic in Huntsville. Marr said thousands of people in north Alabama are already uninsured, and Medicaid in our state is a bare bones system that only covers senior citizens, pregnant women and people who are disabled.

"Yes, a cut might save a little money, but when individuals are sick and they end up in the emergency room for their primary care, that is both expensive and it is not good health care for continuity of care," said Marr.

The president's budget is only a proposal. It will likely include changes before it's passed by Congress. But experts say it provides a baseline for negotiations.

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