'Blessing to be in his presence': Bob Jones community mourns loss of student

'Blessing to be in his presence': Bob Jones community mourns loss of student

MADISON, AL (WAFF) - Less than a week before the school year ends, students and teachers in Madison are mourning the loss of 16-year-old Tyrone Pointer.

Madison City Schools brought extra counselors to school grounds Friday to help grieving students.

Pointer was active on the school's track team, and coach Brad Jefferson said Pointer will be very missed.

"I mean, you're talking about just a blessing to be in his presence," Jefferson said. "Great guy, always smiling, just sunshine all the time."

But Friday, that sunshine was notably missing from Bob Jones High School, and Jefferson worked to help get his students and athletes through the day.

"I told them what my momma always told me. You have to be sure to paint a picture of the greatest moments of that kid's life that you experienced with him. And you look at that picture right now, and it'll carry you through the rain until your sunshine comes back up," Jefferson said.

Jefferson noted many of his students were crying in his room throughout the day, and that some were already planning candlelit ceremonies for Pointer. He said they plan to get permission from Pointer's parents before proceeding with any ceremonies.

Jefferson said the community also plans to help raise money for funeral expenses.

"I want his mom and them to know he was loved. He's a great kid, job well done raising a great kid," Jefferson said. "His presence, being around the school, it's like you know you lost one of God's angels today. God wanted him to come home."

Jefferson said Pointer was a week away from being a rising senior. He was expected to be a star athlete for the next track season and was already talking about college opportunities.

"You can't replace a kid like Tyrone. When you have a kid that's come every single day, willing to work, ready to give everything he's got," Jefferson said. "The best compliment you can give a kid is I have all girls, but if I had a son, I'd want him to be like Tyrone."

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