Crestwood Medical Group offering online doctor appointment booking

Crestwood Medical Group offering online doctor appointment booking

(WAFF) - A new study shows Tai chi relieves insomnia in breast cancer patients.

UCLA researchers assigned 90 breast cancer survivors to three months of Tai chi, or talk therapy, which is often recommended. Fifteen months later, nearly half of people in both groups had significant improvement in their insomnia symptoms.

Tai chi also improved patient's depression and fatigue.

You don't have to hit the gym or run a marathon to feel happier and better about yourself. A new University of Connecticut study finds a leisurely walk can reduce depression in sedentary people.

When researchers monitored the activity of 400 adults for four days, they found more was not always better. Light or moderate exercise had the greatest improvements in mood and well-being.

Something new for patients in our area. How would you like to set your own appointment with your doctor?

Crestwood Medical Group can now allow you access to make a real time, online doctor's appointment with certain physicians. This booking service means some appointments are available for a same day or a next day visit, as some patients cancel.

And you can check availability anytime  day or night from a mobile device or a PC at

At launch, these providers are bookable via the online service across most Crestwood Medical Group locations:

  • Mary Barry, CRNP – OB/GYN
  • Kristina Chapman, CRNP – OB/GYN
  • Ann Chu, MD – Family Practice
  • Yari Campbell, MD – Internal Medicine
  • Charles Coffey, MD – Family Practice
  • Whitney Dunham, MD – OB/GYN
  • Erik Henninger, DO - Pediatrics
  • Rakhshanda Khan, MD – Family Practice
  • Leslie Lovelady, CRNP – Family Practice
  • David Mayer, DO – Family Practice
  • Kristina Morris, CRNP - Pediatrics
  • Mylena Morton, MD – Internal Medicine
  • Andrea Reynolds, MD - Pediatrics
  • Bhavna Sharma, MD – Internal Medicine
  • Carisa Sparks, CRNP – Family Practice
  • Janice Lewis-Thomas, MD – Family Practice

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