Your Health: Breastfeeding, osteoporosis, ALS

Your Health: Breastfeeding, osteoporosis, ALS

(WAFF) - More reasons why moms should breastfeed their babies. Health investigators studied 107 healthy mother and infant pairs. They found gut bacteria in breastfed babies were more closely related to their own mother's milk and skin compared to a random mother.

Experts say these results emphasize the importance of breastfeeding because this bacteria plays an important role in children's lifelong health.

A new study in the annals of internal medicine indicates doctors should treat osteoporosis patients with bone-strengthening medications. This study was released Tuesday, saying women with osteoporosis should take drugs like Fosamax or Boniva for five years and even longer for some patients.

Those same guidelines recommend against treating bone loss with estrogen, which can cause other health problems.

Americans suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease, or ALS, will soon have a new drug treatment. The FDA approved Radicava, also known as edaravone.

The drug company says the drug can slow down the patient's physical decline by 33 percent.

It's the first drug approved for the condition in about 20 years.

Lou Gehrig's disease strikes the nervous system, weakens muscles and is fatal.

The new drug is expected to be on the market in August.

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