AL foster parent encourages adoption despite new law

Updated: May. 8, 2017 at 10:22 PM CDT
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MADISON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A Madison County foster parent wants all prospective adoptive parents to know there are options out there. He's aware of the new Alabama law protecting religious agencies that refuse to place children with gay couples, but he hopes this won't discourage anyone from adopting.

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David Hagins and his wife have welcomed 19 kids into their home during the past few years. And they recently adopted one of them.

"We've been foster parents for six years," said Hagins. "We adopted our daughter about two in a half years ago."

So he's aware of the new state law protecting private agencies that deny adoptions to same sex couples for religious reasons.

"Majority of the adoption agencies in the state of Alabama all receive state and federal funding, therefore the new law doesn't affect them at all," he said.

He said he doesn't want the law to discourage anyone from adopting in Alabama because there's a huge need for foster and adoptive parents.

"Just in the state of Alabama, there's over a thousand children waiting to be adopted through the Department of Human Resources," said Hagins.

He said the need is greater in our own backyard.

"We have many children, just in our community, here in Madison County, that are looking for a home," said Hagins. "That are looking for someone to treat them as their own child."

It's one of the many reasons Hagins is encouraging all people to consider adopting through a state agency like the Department of Human Resources.

He said it may take a up to a year to go through the adoption process, but he knows firsthand that it's worth it.

"As long as we can adopt the children into our houses, to show them love like they've never had before, it's well worth the wait," he said.

Hagins said that the adoption process with the state doesn't cost a lot. He said paying a lawyer to do the paperwork should only cost a few hundred dollars.

For more information on adopting, see Heart Gallery Alabama or the Department of Human Resources.

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