Jackson County schools to lose project funds if Paint Rock Valley stays open

Jackson County schools to lose project funds if Paint Rock Valley stays open

JACKSON COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Schools across Jackson County should expect cuts to projects at their schools if the school board decides to keep open Paint Rock Valley School.

School officials are asking the board to close the school due to very low enrollment and the huge costs required to bring it up to standards.

Some people in the county say they understand how people in the Paint Rock Valley feel but not at the expense of their schools.

Superintendent Kevin Dukes has said money from capital improvement will be going to Paint Rock Valley to repair kitchen and other needs if the board votes to keep it open.

WAFF 48 News obtained a list of capital improvement projects that will be put on the back burner if that happens. That includes awnings at Pisgah and Skyline to keep students sheltered from the weather when d ropped off the bus. But also on this year's list includes air conditioner units for gyms in Section, Dutton, Flat Rock, Stevenson Middle, Bridgeport Middle and Hollywood.

"So they're going to cut into all the other schools? That don't seem fair. It really don't, not to try to keep that old school up and running, not if they ain't got but that many students," said Pisgah resident Michael Miller.

"If they're having to pull from other schools to keep it going, that has a bigger population I don't think that's fair. I think they should close it if it's going to pull funding from other students," said Allison Coffman, who grew up in Section.

Also set for delays in the next two years include new agriculture shops at both Woodville and Skyline.

The board is expected to vote at their next meeting on April 27.

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