Marshall County woman says ex-boyfriend broke into home to kill her

Marshall County woman says ex-boyfriend broke into home to kill her

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - A woman in Marshall County is thankful to be alive after a home invasion by her ex-boyfriend.

62-year-old Johnnie Privett is behind bars in Marshall County, facing burglary and assault charges. The victim claims he broke into her home in the middle of the night and attacked her.

Vickie Zanetti believes her ex-boyfriend carefully plotted the break-in and did so with one reason in mind.

"He plainly told me he would kill me," said Zanetti.

Zanetti now believes that is why her ex-boyfriend broke into her new boyfriend's home off Scoles Road in the middle of the night Tuesday while everyone was sleeping.

Zanetti believes Privett carefully plotted out his attack, first ripping the phone line out before entering the home and grabbing the phone itself.

"He put it in the freezer. He put the phone in the freezer," she said.

Zanetti said Privett also made a mess of her home.

"He took all the food that was in my refrigerator and had it all over the house, dishwashing liquid all over the house," she said.

She said Privett attempted to keep the dogs quiet, but ultimately, they were not and she woke up and came out of her bedroom door.

"There he stood and he turned around and looked at me and here he comes charging at me with a knife," said Zanetti.

Zanetti said she screamed for help and her boyfriend, Ben, and others in the home came to her rescue.

"They held him down out here on the front porch because they drug him out of the house until the police got here," said Zanetti.

Zanetti said Ben took most of the cuts, but Zanetti believes she was Privett's target.

"He told me he was going to kill me and he meant it, and last night was living proof that he was here determined to kill me," said Zanetti.

Privett is currently being held without bond in the Marshall County Jail.

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