National Guard recruits high school students in DeKalb County

National Guard recruits high school students in DeKalb County

RAINSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Alabama National Guard did a little recruiting in the city of Rainsville in DeKalb County on Wednesday.

The armed forces have always reached out to high school juniors and seniors for a career. But in this day in time, they seem to have a lot more toys in their arsenal.

High schoolers from DeKalb and Jackson counties came to the AgriBusiness Center in Rainsville to hear about life in the National Guard. It's what the Guard calls "Operation Citizen Soldier Expo."

But in today's Guard, you'll see things that were not there 20 to 30 years ago, from bomb-seeking robots to operating unmanned aerial vehicles.

Lt. Col. Brad Benton said the Guard offers more than 160 jobs.

Benton says getting in with the Guard can help young people move into a career through training in the National Guard.

"They just don't realize that we've got bomb techs, that getting in the Guard can get you connected to other jobs that are out there. So a part-time job in the National Guard can lead to other full-time employment that is very beneficial to them, so it's a great network," said Benton.

The Guard also held a career expo on Wednesday in Tuscaloosa.

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