Owners pull application for proposed C&D Landfill in Marshall County

Owners pull application for proposed C&D Landfill in Marshall County

MARSHALL COUNTY, AL (WAFF) - Plans for a construction and debris landfill at a controversial landfill site in Marshall County have been scrapped after the owner rescinded their application Monday morning. The owners pulled the application just hours before a planning public hearing on the issue, and Garrett Gamble said they're not making any public comments right now on their reasons why.

Plans for a C&D Landfill at the old Bishop Landfill off Pleasant Grove Cut Off Road have been scrapped.

In reasons for putting a C&D Landfill at the site, Gamble has said it's a safety issue.

Gamble has previously said they wanted to use construction and debris as a way of properly closing the landfill.

Some residents have voiced opposition to the plan citing how bad it smelled in the past when it was operational.

County officials have said the previous owner abandoned the site and never properly closed it.

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"As we stand right now, we have no application, but since we have the public hearing set up and people won't be able to know we will still have a public hearing. We will tell the people where we stand. We'll get their input. But we still plan on having at public hearing at this time," said Marshall County Commission Chairman James Hutcheson.

That public hearing was still held Monday evening at the Guntersville courthouse to discuss any residents' questions.

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