UNA graduate killed inside Nashville condo

UNA graduate killed inside Nashville condo
Tiffany Ferguson (Source: Facebook)
Tiffany Ferguson (Source: Facebook)

FLORENCE, AL (WAFF) - Nashville police are searching for the person responsible for killing University of North Alabama graduate Tiffany Ferguson Tuesday morning. 

Police said the suspect was looking for open doors and windows at the condo complex where Ferguson lived. When the man entered Ferguson's apartment, police believe she confronted him and was stabbed several times. She later died at the hospital.

WATCH: Suspect seen outside condo in surveillance video

Tiffany was working as a critical care nurse at Saint Thomas West Hospital in Nashville.
UNA confirms Ferguson is a 2015 nursing graduate of the University. Dr. Clarissa Hall, a professor of Tiffany's, described the bright young nurse as someone who always had a smile on her face and was positive.

During her time at UNA she was chosen to go on a study abroad program to Guatemala where they saw anywhere from 150 to 300 patients a day. Dr. Hall said she could tell becoming a nurse was Tiffany's calling.
"She was a patient advocate which is something that you can't teach people to be she just had that nurturing part of her and we are just glad she was a part of our family," Hall said.

Dr. Hall said many people in the department stopped and said a prayer when they heard the news of the stabbing.

"When we first heard that something had happened there was hope that maybe they had been taking her to the hospital and that it was just an injury versus such a final thing," said Hall.  "We were just grieving and praying for this family because our hearts are broken she was part of our family."

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