Firefighter with spina bifida ready for the call

HARVEST, AL (WAFF) - Firefighters always train for the worst scenarios, whether it's breaking down doors, cutting through a roof, or rescuing someone out of a burning building.

"We always train like our lives depended on it," said Jeremy Northcutt of the Harvest Volunteer Fire Department.
Jay Poindexter takes that vow of preparedness to heart.
"You never know when someone might go down or something, and I may be the only one there to go in and get 'em," said Jay.

Poindexter is the communications officer for the Michie, Tennessee Volunteer Fire Department. He also was born with spina bifida, and is without the use of his legs.

"Not used to having the extra 40-50 pounds on my back, and all this gear on, it makes it more tough, but it's a good workout and I really enjoy it," said Jay.

 He trains alongside his firefighter brethren every chance he gets.

"He loves to go beyond what everybody thinks he can do," said Jay's father, Buddy. "Jay has never been one to slow down."

"There's a lot that I can do, but I'd just rather show you than tell you," said Jay.

 He handles chainsaws, crawls into burning buildings, and busts open doors with his fellow firefighters during training exercises.

"All the guys were like wow, we have guys complaining about racking hose because it's strenuous activity and this guys sitting here wanting to do it with heart and show everybody he can do it," said Northcutt.

Jay's father, Buddy is also a firefighter in Michie, but Jay didn't want to be a firefighter to follow in his dad's footsteps. It fact, it's the exact opposite.

"I got into it because of him," said Buddy.

"It's always been something I've kinda had a passion about," said Jay.

Jay is passionate about plenty of other things.

"I do 5K 10K races, I do wheelchair basketball, hunting, fishing," said Jay. "I'm also an alderman with the town of Michie."

But nothing more than being part of this brotherhood.

"If he can do it we know anyone can, and it hands down gives us so much motivation to be better at what we do because his heart's in it," said Northcutt.

If he ever does get the call to rush into a burning building, Jay Poindexter will be ready.

"I think the more training you have the better. If you don't train you're not going to be any good," said Jay.

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