Bobby's Bama: Decatur chef fights childhood hunger in California

Bobby's Bama: Decatur chef fights childhood hunger in California

DECATUR, AL (WAFF) - Jake Reed seems just as at home on a bicycle as he does at his restaurant, Albany Bistro, in Decatur.

Reed was instrumental in raising funds in the fight to end childhood hunger in Morgan County. So far, $6,000 has been raised to be granted to nonprofits for food supplies. Now, he is taking that goal to California as part of "Team Alabama."  He said it's a great cause.

"I'm going to be doing a bike ride in California. It's a 300-mile ride. It's for "No Kids Hungry," said Reed.

He said it's similar to what he is already doing here,

"It's really important to me because it kind of mirrors what we're doing here with our "Chefs against Hunger" bike ride. It's to raise awareness for all the kids that go to bed hungry at night. There's about 20 percent. One in five kids go to bed hungry," he said.

He said many people don't realize how big a problem there is with childhood hunger,

"Our area is a little bit higher than that. We have one in four hungry that go to bed hungry every single night. So I thought this would be a good idea to help spread the word and get people aware of what's going on and maybe raise a little bit of money at the same time," he said.

The national event has some lofty goals, according to Reed.

"Their wanting to raise over $2 million. I think they're actually hoping for $2.5 million, but in writing they're saying $2 million. But at the same time, we got more riders this year. They've raised the number of riders significantly, so our target for each rider is to raise between $7,500 and $10,000."

He can use the event for a special one coming up later this year,

"We will also have our next ride in the fall for chef's against hunger," he said.

Reed said there's a reason he got involved in this crusade,

"I was a poor kid growing up. And I don't know if you remember or not, back when I was a child, part of welfare was getting government commodities. And I can remember going and picking up our cheese and our peanut butter."

He said he never wants to forget where he came from.

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