Falkville air ambulance service transports residents without charge

Falkville air ambulance service transports residents without charge

FALKVILLE, AL (WAFF) - When a serious medical situation strikes, the financial debt can devastate a family. A Morgan County town is trying to ease some of that burden for their residents.

The cost for an emergency helicopter transport usually falls mostly on the victim's family. Falkville now has an agreement in place that would cover every penny for residents.

The town council decided to sign a one-year contract with AirMedCare Network. The air ambulance company can take any Falkville resident in a qualifying medical emergency that happens in Morgan County to a critical care hospital. And the ride is free for the patient.

Falkville's cost is $4,395 for a year.

The service begins on Jan. 18.

Typically, an insured patient's family is billed up to roughly $25,000 to $30,000 for a medical helicopter transport.

Mayor Ken Winkles said the deal is well worth it for the well being of Falkville residents.

"We want to give back to the town residents. You know. Falkville is in a little better shape than it has been in past years, and we're just trying to give back to the public a little bit of what they give us," Winkles said.

The supplemental coverage that will be made available soon. $35 covers medical transports flights for residents and their immediate family members who also live in Falkville to any location that AirMedCare Network operates. That includes areas in surrounding states. The town will set up a time for people to sign up for that option.

For more information about the AirMedCare Network coverage areas, click here.

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