Crime Stoppers: Thief shops with stolen credit cards

Crime Stoppers: Thief shops with stolen credit cards

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - We often describe crime fighting as taking two steps forward and one step back. This week's Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers is a perfect example of that never-ending battle.

According to Huntsville police, a man used some stolen credit cards at a local Walmart.

The original thief broke out the passenger side window of the victim's vehicle at a home on Old Fairway Road on Aug. 4 and stole a wallet. He was arrested. But apparently, he had some friends.

These friends or associates in this illegal business used stolen credit cards from that wallet and they haven't yet been arrested. That's where you come in.

If you recognize these credit card crooks, you have a nice payday coming your way of up to $1,000 in reward money.

Just make the anonymous phone call with your tips to 256-53-Crime. To text or e-mail those anonymous tips, visit the Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers link to see how.

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