Kitchen Cops: Roach crawls across table during inspection

Kitchen Cops: Roach crawls across table during inspection

(WAFF) - The Colbert County Health Department handed JJ's Restaurant in Cherokee an inspection score of 76. One of the critical violations reported by the inspector was a roach crawling across a table. The inspector reports the restaurant did have Hot Shot Ant & Roach bug spray, but that brand is an unapproved item.

The inspector says JJ's also had some food in the food danger zone. In this case, hot food was not held hot enough to prevent bacterial growth. The inspector reports hamburger steaks were held 12 to 19 degrees below the 135-degree minimum temperature requirement.

The restaurant earned another violation because baked potatoes and coleslaw lacked date marks needed to indicate when they would need to be tossed out.

JJ's was also cited because of unlabeled bleach bottles.

Bonnie Kountry Cafe in Rogersville scored an 83. The inspector reports dishes weren't sanitized properly, and there were no paper towels at an employee hand sink.

The Quik Mart on East 2nd Street in Muscle Shoals scored an 83. The Colbert County Health Department reports numerous food items didn't have date marks, including ham, chili and bologna. They also had a hazardous food temperature violation because meats in a deli cooler were three to seven degrees over the 41-degree cold-holding maximum.

Two of this week's four Kitchen Cops high performers got a perfect score. The Franklin County Health Department gave the Raspados Don Hugo mobile food unit a 100. The employees at the deli at the Publix on Woodward Avenue in Muscle Shoals also earned a 100 from the Colbert County Health Department.

The Pizza Hut in Priceville scored a 99, as did the Starbucks at the University of North Alabama in Florence.

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