Credit card cloning suspects target Huntsville gas station

Updated: Dec. 20, 2016 at 6:56 PM CST
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HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - A gas station in Huntsville has become a target of an elaborate credit card cloning scheme.

Police say if you've pumped gas at the Raceway on Highway 53 in the past month, you could be a victim of credit card fraud.

Authorities are still looking for two men they believe are stealing debit card numbers from gas station pumps using a new device called shimmers. And they believe more than 100 people from that Raceway are potential victims.

We first brought you this story last week in Huntsville Area Crime Stoppers. Police are revealed more details of the investigation.

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Huntsville police investigator Ben Brewer said when drivers pay for their gas at the pump, the shimmer steals their debit card's information. He said the devices are hidden inside the printer area and can't be seen by the public.

Police investigators are surprised that so many people are now victims. They say more than 100 debit card numbers have been stolen from the Raceway.

Police have surveillance photos of one of the suspects using a cloned card at an ATM. They are looking for the men and the vehicle, which is described as a pewter Ford F-350 four-door with a 6 foot 6 inch bed with aftermarket wheels and tires.

Police say they used a different vehicle in one instance. This one was a possible rental car. It is described as a black Ford Fusion with a rental sticker on the back window.

Police say the primary suspect has grown a beard since the surveillance photo.

Investigators believe the shimmers may have been installed at the Raceway back in November.

The cloned cards have been used at several locations. The primary targets are drive-thru ATMs, although there have been no shimmers found at any banks in the area, according to police.

Police say to check your bank account often and report any questionable charges to police.

"Around the holiday season, there's always some kind of trick where somebody can hack and get into your information," said Shawn Johnson, a customer at Raceway. "So I'm not really surprised anymore."

Johnson pay with cash and knows she's not a victim. Police say paying with cash is good advice.

"Other than just paying cash, they can probably go to the clerk and say 'Hey, have pumps been checked?'" said Brewer.

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