State inspector launches investigation into possible contaminated gas pumps

State inspector launches investigation into possible contaminated gas pumps

HUNTSVILLE, AL (WAFF) - The Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries dispatched an inspector on Tuesday to look at alleged contaminated gas pumps at a Huntsville MAPCO gas station.

Stacy Boshell, the Director of Weights and Measures with State of Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries, confirmed a consumer called his office and filed a complaint at the Huntsville gas station.

"Anytime we have a consumer complaint we try to serve those within a 24-hour period," said Boshell.

According to Boshell, the inspector will spend Tuesday morning testing the fuel on-site at 905 Memorial Parkway NW and will also collect samples and send them in for additional analyzation at a state lab to determine whether the pumps are contaminated. The state lab results should be available within 24 hours.

"We can't go in and say that it is [contaminated] until we are absolutely positive," said Boshell.

Boshell added the state inspector will check all of the other Huntsville area MAPCO stations to make sure that additional stations aren't dealing with the same potential contamination issue.

Boshell said if they find any evidence of contamination, then they'll stop all gas sales at the specific gas station so drivers can no longer fuel up until it's determined that the contamination issue has been resolved.

State leaders are urging anyone who believes they filled up with faulty fuel, then they need to contact the Weights and Measures Office to file a formal complaint. Boshell said the report will then become an official public record that can be pulled at any time.

The office number is 334-240-7133.

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